Map are referenced data types — which means it can be null
In #Golang we use map as map[key_type] value_type

package main
import “fmt”

func main() {
// Define the data
data := map[string]string{
“one”: “two”,
“three”: “four”,
“five”: “six”,
“seven”: “eight”,
“nine”: “ten”
// loop through
for key, value := range data {
fmt.Println(key, value)

package main
import (

// Calculate the ² of a given ⁿ values
func calculateEvenNumbersSq(value int) int {
evenSquared := 0
for i := 0; i < value; i++ {
if i%2 == 0 {
evenSquared := math.Pow(float64(i), 2)
fmt.Println(“Square of”, i, “is”, evenSquared)
return evenSquared

func main() {

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